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Pre-eBay 16mm Short Subjects Sale

Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:10 pm
by Jim Reid
HOT SPOT-Hal Roach Taxi Boys short-$125
STRANGE INNERTUBE-Hal Roach Taxi Boys short-$125
WRECKETY WRECKS-Hal Roach Taxi Boys short-$125
CRAZY LIKE A FOX-Columbia Billy Gilbert short-$99
BACHELOR DAZE-Columbia Slim Summerville short-$99
MONEY SQUAWKS-Columbia Andy Clyde short-$75
HALFWAY TO HOLLYWOOD-Columbia Tom Kennedy short-$75
HOT WATER-Columbia Schilling & Lane short-$75
GLOVE SLINGERS-Columbia Noah Beery Jr., Paul Hurst, Shemp Howard-$75
STATIC IN THE ATTIC-Columbia Walter Catlett short-$75

SALLY OF THE SAWDUST-Blackhawk Super 8 sound W.C. Fields feature $65

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