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Click for LIBRETTO by E.Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy

Original Cast Tracks
Songs E Y Harburg Sammy Fain
1 Prologue 0:35
2 You, Too, Can Be A Puppet (2:41)
3 Here's To Your Illusions (3:32)
4 Telephone Switchboard Scene (0:24)
5 B.G. Bigelow, Inc (2:54)
6 Najla's Lament (3:15)
7 Who Says There Ain't No Santa Claus (2:08)
8 Flahooley (1:11)
9 The World is Your Balloon (2:34)
10 He's Only Wonderful (2:52)
11 Najla's Song of Joy; Arabian for Get Happy (1:19)
12 Inner Office Scene (0:26)
13 Jump Little Children (1:41)
14 Consternation (0:53)
15 No More Flahooleys (0:55)
16 Spirit of Capsulanti (1:40)
17 Birds; Enchantment (2:59)
18 Come Back Little Genie (1:48)
19 The Springtime Cometh (3:21)
20 Finale (3:24)

Edith Atwater
Bil Baird's Marionettes
Barbara Cook (88)
Irwin Corey (102)
Jerome Courtland
Yma Sumac
Ernest Truex
Sara Aman
John Anderson
Andy Aprea
Bil Baird
Cora Baird
Lee Ballard
Vicki Barrett
Lulu Bates
Lewis Bolyard
Stanley Carlson
Ray Cook
Fay DeWitt
Carol Donn
Franz Fazakas
Clifford Fearl
Jane Fischer
Carl Harms
Urylee Leonardos
Elizabeth Logue
Normand Maxon
Joe Nash
Louis Nye
Sheldon Ossosky
Nehemiah Persoff (97)
Marilyn Ross
Lois Shearer
Laurel Shelby
Franklin T. Syme
James Tarbutton
Richard Temple
Edgar Thompson
Ted Thurston
Norval Tormsen
Tafi Towers
Anthony Tudor
Clayfoot Trowbridge
Annaliese Widman

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Re: Flahooley

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Those track titles frighten me to much to click on them.

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