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"Planet Earth 2" SUPER HD on the BBC (is it in 4K?)

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 6:01 pm
by David Alp
This brand new series of Sir David Attenborough's "Planet Earth 2" on BBC1 on Sunday nights which I am watching; is it in 4K would anyone know? The reason I ask is because in the lead-up to episode 1 of programme there were two promotional TV spots, both featuring Attenborough himself to exploit the show. The first one was on ITV's "This Morning" (UK's breakfast show), and the other one was on "The Graham Norton Show".

Both TV spots had Attenborough saying that the new series was shot in "Super HD". So, not "normal HD" -- but [quote] "Super HD"... So this got me wondering about what he meant by "Super HD", and I am wondering if anyone would know if this series (or "season" as the Americans would say), is being broadcast in 4K ?

If so -- then as far as I know its the very first programme to ever be broadcast in 4K in the UK.

As an aside, it sure looks spectacular I have to say! I've recorded both episodes so far -- and would I be correct in saying that if it were in 4K then it would "eat up" more data/space on my B.T. YouView Box? (Humax box)? At present one hour in HD seems to eat up about 1% of total data, however when I went to delete episode 2 (just now), (after viewing it), it only seemed to clear up 1% of data; not 4% as expected if indeed the show was in 4K. ?

Re: "Planet Earth 2" SUPER HD on the BBC (is it in 4K?)

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 6:11 pm
by David Alp
Oh! It seems I have answered my own question!

Its NOT being broadcast in 4K as the BBC do not yet have the capabilities to broadcast their content in 4K! :evil: ... tra-hd-yet" target="_blank


The first series of Planet Earth debuted on the BBC in 2006 and set the standard for nature documentaries.

At the time, it was the most expensive show ever commissioned by the BBC and also the first series to be shot in HD. No wonder the picture and sound quality blew everyone away.

Ten years on, the series has returned, with Planet Earth II debuting on BBC One on the evening of Sunday 6th November. Fittingly, it's the first BBC show to be shot entirely in Ultra HD (and HDR).

But while Ultra HD has arrived as the foremost television standard, it isn't yet possible to watch Planet Earth II in 4K as the BBC has no means of showing 4K programmes. And that has left a lot of people searching online for a 4K broadcast of Planet Earth II.

Early-adopters have become used to streaming 4K content on Amazon Prime and Netflix, or buying Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

But the BBC has yet to launch a 4K broadcast option. So even if you have a new 4K TV, you'll have to make do with enjoying the new series of Planet Earth in HD.

But fear not, a solution may be on the way, in the shape of a new 4K iPlayer.

Read more at ... UwME3xk.99" target="_blank

Re: "Planet Earth 2" SUPER HD on the BBC (is it in 4K?)

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:42 am
by oldposterho
Just a thumbs up for the show itself. One of the most stunning nature series I've seen in a long time, highly recommended. Those dang snakes chasing the iguana babies is the stuff of nightmares.