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HDR TV and crushed white tones

Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:58 am
by All Darc
Ok, we know LDC-LED TVs, even IPS, even the best, tends to crush the tones near white, turning the image around very bright tones a single pure flat white mass.
It's disturbing for me to watch the killing of tonalities on a modern TV while I don't see crushed tonalities in a good CRT TV. I can't accept it, that's it. It makes me sick. They said it's because LCD tehnology have not a good dynamics range.

Now there are the HDR TVs, high dynamic range. but they said it need a BD with HDR to make difference.
UUgghhhnn ??? If it's HDR why it also crush bright tonalities when you increase contrast to the image do not look faded?
CRT do not look faded and do not crush bright tones when we increase contrast.

What a hell... When they will create a thin TV that do not scruw-up brith tones?????
I refuse to watch anyting, no matter if it's HD, 2K, 4K or even 8K, if the image crush bright tones.

Re: HDR TV and crushed white tones

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 11:51 am
by All Darc
Today I check a Samsung 50 inch 4K HDR LED Smart-TV on a store.

It only didn't blow-up (clipped) brighd white tones and do not crushed dark shadows if the signal was in HDR, like the HDR 4K sample clips that come with it.

On standart HD mode (1920p) the glossy image (adjusted to a bit glossy) destroyed the white tonalities and shadows. But if you calibrate it to do not destroy tonalities, the image looks quite faded.

But a CRT-TV do not blow-up bright tones even in a old analogic transmission.

Why it's need a HDR signal to avoit blow-up of tonalities in a HDR TV if a CRT TV screen don't need a HDR signal to avoid blow-upup

WHY ?????????????????

Again, not a single TV on the store that please me. All shit. This same new model of Samsun LED 50 also get the screen darker if looked by a lower angle like 45 degree or even less.

When could I buy a TV??? God sackes... not a single one that I judge as decent.

No kidding, I can't stand in front of such LED backlight TVs, it makes me sick to look to blow-uo tones ands crushed shadowns It's repulsive, disgusting for me to look to. Even If I have 4K HDR signal and a collection of HDR films, the view angle getting darker, if not direct in front of it, it's disturbing.

A CRT TV even in a analogic signal of even 10 years ago, do not destroy contrast like the damn LDC/LED technology do.