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Technically-oriented discussion of classic films on everything from 35mm to Blu-Ray
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New forum, new topic

Unread post by Christopher Jacobs » Fri May 07, 2010 12:58 pm

This forum was created as an easier way to find the many discussions relating to technical issues that occasionally cause various other discussion threads to drift far from their original topics.

This is an ideal section of NitrateVille to discuss things like 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, or 9.5mm projector operation, service, and repair, film care, etc. These days as film becomes increasingly a niche hobby, this forum can be a useful source of basic information for collectors and fans alike.

It's also the ideal place to discuss new collecting and exhibition technology, the fine points of video compression schemes and various forms of HD-video (why some are more HD than others despite apparently identical image resolution specs, etc.), as well as topics like multi-region DVD players, multi-region BluRay players, the ability of certain brands and models to play (or not) PAL content on an NTSC TV or output PAL to an auto-format projector, etc.

Despite the seeming lack of mass appeal of classic films, there has never been a better period to be building private movie libraries and for home exhibition in a wide variety of formats of varying quality. Discussions of how to achieve that at home on a budget belong here, while discussions of the aesthetic and sociological value of the films we collect belong in the "Talking About Talkies" and "Talking About Silents" categories.

Over the next few weeks I'll try to get a few existing threads in other categories moved into this forum (once final grades are in and I can figure out how to do it). Meanwhile, I'll look forward to following the expertise of many of the NitrateVille members in this subforum.

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