Coca-Cola (1987, kitchen, pan regional)

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Coca-Cola (1987, kitchen, pan regional)

Unread post by radiotelefonia » Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:18 pm

Here is a curious Coca-Cola commercial that McCann-Erickson, which is also among their least inspired ones (it was never a very creative agency and they were involved the GM bankrupcy in Argentina in 1978). But even a mediocre ad like this one, was shown in almost all the world, except in the United States probably due to the bottles reading "Coca-Cola Coke" instead of "Coca Cola CLASSIC".

Most countries in the world aired this version, occasionally adding a sign at the end.

In Argentina, the commercial was almost completely refilmed because of the design of the bottles (which would eventually change one or two years later to follow American patterns, allowing to use footage filmed in English).

In Perú, however, they had then a very strict advertisement policies which made McCann-Erickson to complete refilm the whole thing and even to the replacement of the soundtrack with one recorded domestically. Yet, unlike what happened in Argentina, in Perú the budget was by far less.

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