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"Walk In My Shoes - feat. Dick Gregory's First TV Appearance (1961)
Published on Jan 4, 2017ABC Close Up Report - Walk in My Shoes (1961) was a landmark in TV history. Nominated for 3 Emmy awards, Nicholas Webster's documentary explores the state of Urban Black America from several perspectives. Associate produced by Louis Lomax (The Hate That Hate Produced), the film features interviews with regular people from different classes to understand how black people think, feel and survive. It is notable for including the first national TV appearances of comedian Dick Gregory (15:16) and extended footage of Malcolm X,, lawyer Percy Sutton and CORE founder James Farmer. A seldom-seen classic from the ABC News Archives, it s assumed to be in the public domain and as been uploaded under Fair Use."

"Sweet Love, Bitter 1967(directed by Herbert Danska,starring Dick Gregory)
A swinging fictitious biopic that's composite story of bebop Jazz innovators Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk during the 60's New York Jazz scene,starring Dick Gregory as Ritchie ' Eagle' Stokes.Co-starring Robert Hooks,Diane Varsi and Don Murray."
The best celebrity book signings are those where the authors are old comedians or wrinkled songwriters - the former, with sometimes the least of encouragement, recite snatches from their acts, and the latter perform
a medley of their hits as if auditioning for potential backers.
I saw Dick Gregory when he was promoting a memoir in a store on Chicago's 95th Street. Not one to disappoint his grizzled fans, Gregory, before the autographing commenced, told some timeless- which is to say, old- jokes, but both they, and he, were funny and I'm glad I was in attendance. R.I.P.

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Remarkable human being.

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