HattieMcDaniel's BEULAH great print on Decades

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HattieMcDaniel's BEULAH great print on Decades

Unread post by Harlowgold » Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:19 pm

Recently in a late night block of "lost tv" (sic) Decades broadcast a great condition print of BEULAH starring Hattie McDaniel. It was one of the familiar half dozen episodes with Beulah and her boyfriend teaching the little boy to dance but the print was much better than the PD episode that circulates. Hopefully Decades will locate more good quality prints to air. There have to be dozens out there - according to old Tv Guides I have from the late 50's the show was syndicated in weekday reruns. I'm sure it was pulled from the market in the early 60's ala AMOS N' ANDY but this gentle show deserves to resurface. Hattie of course passed away during the show's run (I've read the Hattie episodes were never shown on network tv -true?) haven't seen Ethel Waters episodes but there's a couple of Louise Beavers ones on the Alpha dvd and, as in movies, Louise is good but not as good as Hattie.

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Re: HattieMcDaniel's BEULAH great print on Decades

Unread post by Marr&Colton » Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:11 am

Sounds like it was a 35mm print. There are many surviving single or multiple 35mm TV shows in various archives and studio vaults--such as UCLA's Film and Television Archive.

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