FRANKENSTEIN : Modern Prometheus

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FRANKENSTEIN : Modern Prometheus

Unread post by wich2 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:26 pm

Dear Folks -

We may bring our old friend The Monster back to life in Rep next year, for the 200th birthday of Mother Mary's classic tale. Till then, here's our moldy oldie original production, courtesy of the estimable Fred Greenhalgh's Modern Audio Drama site: ... lks-again/

With JOSEPH FRANCHINI as Victor Frankenstein and Your Obedient Servant as his Monster, and featuring in alphabetical order CLYDE BALDO, JODI BOTELHO, ROBERT HESS, VITO LaBELLA, SUSAN MUIR, and JOHN PRAVE. Sound by DAVID NOLAN, effects by MR. BALDO. Original music by TONY AWARD-Winner MARK HOLLMANN. Director, JAY STERN (Independent Feature, "THE CHANGELING.")

"These are really tremendous programs... the best I've heard of 'modern' OTR productions."

"Excellent on all levels! Closest adaptation of the novel I've ever heard."


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