Lillian Gish Meets Salvador Dali & His Anteater

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Lillian Gish Meets Salvador Dali & His Anteater

Unread post by Jim Gettys » Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:52 pm

The Decades TV Channel has been running old Dick Cavett shows. On February 11, 1971 Cavett's guests included Satchel Paige, Lillian Gish, and Salvador Dali. When Dali arrived on the set, he threw an anteater at Miss Gish, and Miss Gish was not amused.

Did I dream this? See for yourself:

The entire show can be seen here: ... 0d1c0077ad

The Gish segment begins at 26:20, and the Dali segment at 46:20.

Jim Gettys
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