Gillette (1968)

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Gillette (1968)

Unread post by radiotelefonia » Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:51 pm

In 1968, the Ricardo De Luca agency produced a series of Gillette ads in Argentina that were all written by Hugo Casares, one of the graetest advertisement agents of all times. The ads in the series, for different products of the brand, were amusing; but the one I brought here is probably among the best commercials of all times. It was modestly produced, but it is still an absolute masterpiece.

I can't prepare English subtitles, but here is the complete translation of what it is said.

Too much propaganda*, too much propaganda*... in the end the made me buy it...
That the Gillette Shaving Cream soften the beard best... That it has a great perfume...
Bah... it truly has a great perfume...
Ah, but what I don't believe ist that it can give you so much foam as they show on television.
These advertising agents are too exaggerating...

...nobody knows how to make shaving cream as Gillette.

* in Spanish, the words "propaganda" and "advertising" have always been synonyms and I carried this to English too

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