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PETER WYNGARDE (1927/33 (?) - 2018)

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 1:38 pm
by earlytalkiebuffRob
Peter Wyngarde was perhaps best known as the flamboyant Jason King in television's 'Department S' and 'Jason King', but occasional films included the very memorable NIGHT OF THE EAGLE /BURN, WITCH, BURN (1962) as well as THE INNOCENTS, in the previous year.

He also did stage work, as I recall him in 'Anastasia' at the King's Theatre, Southsea sometime in the 1970s. Admittedly his selection was probably in part on due to his TV fame, as was his co-star, Nyree Dawn Porter.

Re: PETER WYNGARDE (1927/33 (?) - 2018)

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:25 am
by s.w.a.c.
Also excellent as a Number Two on The Prisoner, and appeared in the best-known episode of The Avengers, as the leader of The Hellfire Club in A Touch of Brimstone.

Re: PETER WYNGARDE (1927/33 (?) - 2018)

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:49 pm
by Jim Roots
OMG, that Jason King series set the low bar for ridiculous '60s spy series! It is legendary in my capacious mind ... can never, ever forget watching it as a teenager when it was run in Canada as a summer replacement series on the CBC.

The guy would zoom in his groovy sportscar to his hip bachelor pad, where naked beautiful women were waiting (all day!!!) in his bed. Even as a kid, I was dumbfounded by the sheer idiot sexism of this concept. Even if they were brainless fembots, surely the girls had other things to do in their lives rather than wait endlessly for this porn-mustachioed "stud"?

Thank god it has never turned up on video, as far as I know! (Don't bother sending me Youtube links, thanks.)