Find: NY Times Publishes a Lost Script for "Casablanca??"

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Find: NY Times Publishes a Lost Script for "Casablanca??"

Unread post by Ken Viewer » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:18 pm

This appeared in, at the least, the Internet edition of today's New York Times (not kidding) as recounted by the famed newswoman Joyce Wadler, now the resident "I Was Misinformed" reporter/writer/creator for The Times:

It appears to be a lost version of the screenplay for either "Casablanca" or "When Harry Met Sally." Sorry in advance if some here find this sacrilegious, but I have been both a fan and a mark for Ms. Wadler's writing and reporting for about half-a-century and counting:

"EXT., A PARIS STREET, June 14, 1940. The threatening sky is fifty shades of gray. RICK BLAINE, an expatriate American bar owner, and SALLY ALBRIGHT, a naïve journalism student from Seattle, are arguing about whether men and women can be friends while running away from the Nazis. Rick’s devoted piano player, SAM, is trying to keep up with them, but that is difficult as he is pushing his piano.

Rick: No, Sally, I’m telling you it’s impossible. Men and women cannot be friends. If a man finds a woman attractive, he wants to sleep with her. If a man finds a woman unattractive he still wants to sleep with her.

Sally: What if a man finds a woman attractive but she is his much younger employee?..."

Read the rest if you dare; it is a freebie: ... ashup.html" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank

Hey, it's both The New York Times and Joyce Wadler and there's no admission fee.


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