from which film does these shards of 35mm come?

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from which film does these shards of 35mm come?

Unread post by OOO » Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:12 am

Dear all,
my old professor Simon Starling wrote me and asked for help with identifying these to frames, (from the same film?)

We're trying to identify two film fragments and I wondered if you knew a suitable blog or some such to post a still frame and see if anybody has any ideas.
The frames are from a strip used by Conrad Zuse (https://en.wikipedia...iki/Konrad_Zuse) (hence the holes) to programme one of his Z series computers.
Weirdly one strip doesn’t have any sound on it but it somehow looks like the guy is singing. At first I thought it was Karl Malden but then when you make a direct comparison, it’s not him.
Both strips are likely to be from the 1950’s - the Z5 was developed in 1953.

Does anybody recognise the actors or the setting?

And do you know of sites or forums where it could be good to pose the same question?


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