ISO rare 1920s issues of American Cinematographer

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David Pierce
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ISO rare 1920s issues of American Cinematographer

Unread post by David Pierce » Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:07 pm

Luci Marzola and the Media History Digital Library are working with the Margaret Herrick Library and the ASC to find and digitize every issue of American Cinematographer from the 1920s.

The Media History Digital Library has posted issues through the mid-1930s, while many of the issues we couldn't find from the 1920s have been posted by the Margaret Herrick Library on their digital platform.

We are trying to locate the following issues of American Cinematographer:

Vol. 2 Issue 18 (Sept 15, 1921)
Vol. 2 Issue 21 (Nov 15, 1921)
Vol. 3 Issue 1 (April 1922)
Vol. 3 Issue 3 (June 1922)
Vol. 3 Issue 4 (July 1922)
Vol. 3 Issue 6 (Sept 1922)
Vol. 3 Issue 11 (February 1923)
Vol. 4 Issue 7 (October 1923)

Please get in touch if you have any of these or know where they might be located.

Thanks -

David Pierce
Founder and Director
Media History Digital Library

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