Ep. 16: Author Alan K. Rode on Michael Curtiz

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Ep. 16: Author Alan K. Rode on Michael Curtiz

Unread post by Mike Gebert » Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:22 am

NitrateVille Radio Episode 16: Alan K. Rode on Michael Curtiz, His Life in Film

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Michael Curtiz directed as many all-time-classics as anybody—Hitchcock, Ford, you name it—yet personally he's a bit of a mystery, the anti-auteur who could direct anything to a fine polish but seemed to have no themes of his own.

Alan K. Rode's new and engrossing biography reveals who Curtiz was, going beyond the directing machine (though he was that) to reveal a man who saw the potential in movies early, developed the skills to get the most out of any type of story... and lived a life that revealed how it was good to be a favored prince, at least, at Warner Brothers. His actors didn't always like him, but they knew Curtiz could give them immortality as much as anybody on the lot. (71:11)

Here's how our conversation runs:

(2:19) Who was Mihály Kertész? Curtiz's rise in Budapest and Vienna.

(22:30) The dangerous Mr. Curtiz: on-set injuries, messy home life

(34:19) Curtiz's rise at Warner Bros.

(48:20) Two overlooked classics: The Sea Wolf and The Breaking Point

(60:01) Curtiz and Actors

Here are my reviews of those two new releases: The Sea Wolf and The Breaking Point

* * *

This holiday season, consider the books and videos featured on NitrateVille Radio:

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Michael Curtiz, His Life in Film, by Alan K. Rode

The Man Who Made the Movies, The Meteoric Rise and Tragic Fall of William Fox, by Vanda Krefft

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Mr. Suicide: Henry Pathe Lehrman and the Birth of Silent Comedy, by Thomas Reeder

Four of the Three Musketeers: The Marx Brothers on Stage, by Robert S. Bader

Image Image Image

Porky Pig 101 (Warner Archive)

The Adventures of Captain Marvel (Kino)

Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (Kino)

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Little Orphant Annie (Eric Grayson)

3-D Rarities (Flicker Alley)

Image Image

Beggars of Life (Kino)

Beggars of Life: A Companion to the 1928 Film, by Thomas Gladysz

Image Image

When Knighthood Was in Flower (Undercrank Productions)

Slapstick Divas, by Steve Massa

Image Image Image

A Thousand Cuts, by Dennis Bartok and Jeff Joseph

Dawson City: Frozen Time (Kino)

Daredevils of the Red Circle (Kino)

Image Image Image

Pinocchio, the Making of the Disney Epic, by J.B. Kaufman

Behind the Door (Flicker Alley)

The Art of Selling Movies, by John McElwee

* * *


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