Bobby Burns and Walter Stull @ Kriterion

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Bobby Burns and Walter Stull @ Kriterion

Unread post by Bor Enots » Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:12 pm

IMDB lists the following films as being C.K. Comedies released by Kriterion, and featuring Bobby Burns, Walter Stull and Peggy Page:

"His Double Did It" (1/27/15)
"Capturing Stella" (2/3/15)
"Oh, Those Kids" (2/10/15)
The Unloaded 45 (2/17/15)
When You and I Were Young (3/24/15)

There doesn't seem to be any evidence to support these entries. Does anybody know who put these entries on IMDB? or where this information came from? Certainly not from any of the trade magazines, and none of the films are extant, so.....?

Thanks. II've asked this before to no result but no harm in trying again.


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