Macklyn Arbuckle, mistaken for Roscoe's father

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Macklyn Arbuckle, mistaken for Roscoe's father

Unread post by Smari1989 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:20 pm

This may be old news both to fans of Macklyn and Roscoe, but as I was browsing through some old newspapers online (a favorite pastime of mine) I hit an item from September 1920 where actor Macklyn Arbuckle is mistakenly portrayed as the father of Roscoe Arbuckle... which makes for kind of sad reading, if one considers that Roscoe had actually been (very much) estranged from his real dad since decades back at that point. It's in Norwegian, so nobody else here'll be able to read it, but an approximate translation goes as follows:

Trondhjems Adresseavis, Sept. 25, 1920:
Fatty and His Dad
Usually it's the son who goes in his Dad's footsteps, as far as the choice of profession is concerned. But here is an example of the opposite: the Dad has joined the profession of his son, more precisely that of film acting. When Maclyn [sic] Arbuckle realized what a fortune his son Roscoe Arbuckle, the famous "Fatty," had made in the movie business, he thought it may be something for him to try, as well. The son encouraged the Dad, and so they were paired up in the film "Den sidste kamp."* After the shoot the son said to Dad: "Bravo, old man!" And now the public says, as they see father and son together on the silver screen: "Bravo, Fatty senior and junior!"

* Translates "The Last Fight," I've no idea which film this may be, and I don't recall reading that Macklyn ever appeared with Roscoe on film, but maybe someone can help me out here. At least I can see no title on Macklyn's IMDb page that supports this. Did they ever appear on stage together?

For that matter, one would think that someone should've found it peculiar that Roscoe's "Dad" didn't realize his "son's" success in pictures until 1920, but never mind...

(I tried to upload a screenshot of the article as an attachment, but was told that the attachment quota has been reached. Not sure if there's another way to have it attached here.)

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