Library of Congress list of 7,200 lost U.S. Silent features

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Re: Library of Congress list of 7,200 lost U.S. Silent featu

Unread post by MaryGH » Thu May 24, 2018 5:23 am

Smari1989 wrote:QUOTE:
craig2010 wrote:As mentined above, the lost films list is pretty up to date--database is a couple hundred behind. Here are films which have been located over past 18 months or so (note this list is from February 2018 so there have been a few since then). Some of these are corrections rather than finds. Most of these are reflected in Lost films list. A few are updated in DB already but many are not. Next update should correct that, We hope to make many more updates and other additions in coming months.
So, at least 60-something films have been located, at least partially, in the last 18 months or so? That's neat!
Call it instinct - but I had a feeling more of Tom's silent films would show up since about a year ago, especially his FBO ones.

I am ready for more. :D <3
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