Nick Schenck filmed by Fox 16 Days After Loew Died in 1927.

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Nick Schenck filmed by Fox 16 Days After Loew Died in 1927.

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I've posted this here for the use of future scholars of the motion picture business.

Now why in the world would Fox News film the successor to Marcus Loew as head of M-G-M/Loew's Incorporated 16 long days after Marcus Loew died back in 1927? At the time, there was no known deal pending for Fox to acquire or merge with Paramout.

Did William Fox have a reason to make nice with Nick (who was brought to work for Loew/Zukor some two decades earlier by his older brother Joseph Schenck, who was a senior dude at the Loew and Adolph Zukor theaters semi-partnership some two decades earlier, when Loew had a small chain of vaudeville/music-hall houses? (Joe Schenck did not join 20th Century-Fox until after William Fox was kicked out of the company and it merged with the then-relatively-tiny 20th Century Pictures controlled by Darryl Zanuck and others.

By the way, the Schenck brothers' name was pronounced with a hard K so that it sounded a bit like "Skank." Thus, it should be pronounced sKenk.

Footage courtesy and copyright asserted by the University of South Carolina so I will not embed any of their footage:

Link:" target="_blank" target="_blank


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