Valeria Creti and Cristina Ruspoli

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Valeria Creti and Cristina Ruspoli

Unread post by milefilms » Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:35 pm

Dear all,

I am researching Filibus and I'm having trouble finding any information (on Italian or English-language sites) on actresses Valeria Creti and Cristina Ruspoli especially of a personal nature -- such as anything before or after their careers or any interviews they may have done. We don't even have birth and death dates. (We're also pretty sure that Cristina Ruspoli was a stage name). We do have all the current information on the recent screenings of Filibus -- I'm looking for anything that was contemporary of the time. So any help would be terrific. Please email at [email protected]" target="_blank

Dennis Doros
Milestone F&V

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