Errors in the latest restoration of "Mare Nostrum."

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Errors in the latest restoration of "Mare Nostrum."

Unread post by Big Silent Fan » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:59 am

This morning, I watched the restored Mare Nostrum that TCM aired on the weekend. Very nice print with the same familiar score. However...
Why don't these companies engage a fan of Silent films to watch their final cut before it's manufactured and sold? There were at least four minor errors that I noticed in the recording, two of them, a repeated scene or a fragment of film out of place when watching the film. Sure, it's no big deal, but it would have been so simple to make the corrections.

It happens all the time; I first posted about this back with the restored Warner Brother's "The Jazz Singer," when it was released and then again about "Laila" just to name two examples (usually of repeated film fragments) where minor errors were not removed before producing and selling the video product. They need to have a fresh set of eyes review their work first.

I imagine most any of us could provide a useful criticism so these issues would not happen again and again after so much effort has been done to restore the film

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