Question on A LADY OF CHANCE

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Re: Question on A LADY OF CHANCE

Unread post by CoffeeDan » Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:16 pm

Panatrope1929 wrote:The original Vitaphone soundtrack for "A Lady Of Chance" has apparently been found according to the
Vitaphone Project website:" target="_blank" target="_blank
As I mentioned in the thread on WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS, the presence of information on a given film in the Vitaphone database does not necessarily mean that discs have been found. There is even less information in the database on A LADY OF CHANCE than on WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS -- just that there was a soundtrack recorded on discs for the film. The primary purpose of the database is to provide additional information for restorers and collectors in search of Vitaphone discs; again, it is not always an indicator of whether discs have been found.
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