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Clark Gable Museum Elevator Fund

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:14 am
by maliejandra" target="_blank

I've been to this museum for an event. It is a nice little place, partly a museum with various memorabilia from Gable's career, including one of his automobiles. Part of the house is restored to appear as it did when he lived there.

We are the Clark Gable Foundation. We have a Clark Gable Museum on the original site of his birth. We have three floors in this house. The bottom floor is used at the present time for storage, the second floor is the gift shop and the third floor is the Museum. We desparately need an elevator for the visitors and the ambassadors who give the tours as three flights of stairs cannot be manuvered by the older population. With an elevator we can open up the bottom floor as part of the museum. So many museums like Roy Rogers and John Wayne have had to close their doors because they could no longer afford to keep them open. We have had the Clark Gable Foundation since 1986 with the building being reconstructed in 1999. We are a non profit organization so have to depend on visitors. donations, and fund raisers in order to keep the museum running. We just have been unable to raise enough money to install an elevator. We need the funds by the end of the year for installation.

The Museum is located in Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio, his birthplace in 1901. The county is a small county and this Museum has brought in over 50,000 visitors who have helped the economy of a poor County. We would be so thankful for donations towards this elevator because we cannot describe to you the disappointment of older individuals from all over the Country and World who travel a great distance and are unable to actually see the Museum because they cannot navigate the stairs. This is heartbreaking for the Ambassadors and the Director when these visitors are unable to experience the pleasure of stepping back in time and viewing all of the memorabilia of a time gone by. Clark Gable's most memorable role was as Rhett Butler in "Gone With The Wind." If you have not seen this movie about the Civil War we would encourage you to rent this movie as it is known as one of the best movies ever made. Clark went on to win an academy award in the movie "It Happened One Night." It was rumored the movie,, the actors, the producers and directors would have all won academy awards for "Gone with the Wind" if "Wizard of Oz " had not been released in the same year.