Can anybody identify this actress ?

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Can anybody identify this actress ?

Unread post by todmichel » Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:46 pm

This actress plays "Lady Sylvia Grey" in the first segment of the omnibus movie KING OF THE UNDERWORLD (1952).
Unfortunately the credits on print - apart from the three principals: Tod Slaughter, Patrick Barr and Tucker McGuire - are almost non-existant, as in fact nobody is credited for this first segment.
This woman has an important role in the episode, however, so maybe somebody will be able to recognize her as she probably appeared in other movies or television series of the same period ?
Thank you very much for helping.


Just a word. recently I heard that an episode of the same series was found in UK (probably a 16mm print but it could as well be a 35mm as it was shot in this format), called "The Scarlet Letter". I'm almost 100% sure that this episode is the same that was later incorporated in KING OF THE UNDERWORLD as the first segment. Maybe the original credits, in the featurette version, were more detailed and the name of the actress, and others, must appear ?
On the other hand, if it's an American 16mm print (as the series was broadcast in USA in 1953/54), unfortunately the remade credits are totally non-existant (apart for the principals) as proven by several episodes I got in their American versions...

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