American Film Institute Tributes on dvd?

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American Film Institute Tributes on dvd?

Unread post by Phillyrich » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:07 am

I fondly remember the AFI tv tributes to Cagney, Ford, Welles, Davis, Astaire, Capra, etc in the 1970's--80's.

They were once issued on vhs tapes. Have any of these been made available on dvd--I imagine there would be an issue of updating the film clips to modern dvd quality, though.

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Re: American Film Institute Tributes on dvd?

Unread post by SilentsPlease » Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:35 pm

AFI has put these shows up on its Youtube channel. You can see all the presenters and honorees, but not the film clips. The disc market is drying up so DVD releases are probably not very likely. If you must have physical media, you have to look for old laserdiscs and VHS tapes.

I loved these shows too. These used to be shown on prime-time network TV, but now you have a hard time finding them, even though they are still shown every year. Youtube is probably where most people see them nowadays.

The tribute on Steve Martin a few years ago was one of the best in a long time, as many of Martin's comedic friends brought their A-game and roasted him mercilessly and hilariously. E.g. "I'm often asked, 'Who is the greatest comedian of all time?' And my answer is always, 'IT IS YOU, STEVE!' "

Since every one of these shows was edited down to fit a time slot, I've always wanted to know if the "outtakes" were ever saved to be seen later. For film fans, every bit of footage of past great filmmakers is worth seeing. Sometimes you read news reports of someone making a tribute on the show, and yet when you watch the show you don't see that person. That's because he or she has been edited out of the show.

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