2017 Capitolfest

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Dave Pitts
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2017 Capitolfest

Unread post by Dave Pitts » Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:59 am

I didn't attend this year's festival -- curious to hear from those who did, since I haven't seen any print coverage. So, if you attended...
What were your favorite films?
Any duds? (I've seen Corporal Kate, and didn't like it at all, but seeing it with an audience and live accompaniment could make a difference. Same with Coast Patrol -- saw it years ago, thought it was a yawn. Same with Sea God.)
How was the turnout?
Has next year's tribute star been announced?
(Apart from my reservations about the 3 films I referenced, I still love Capitolfest -- it's easily the smartest and most consistently surprising festival I know.)

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Re: 2017 Capitolfest

Unread post by MDJimenez » Wed Nov 22, 2017 8:09 am

I saw most of the Fay Wray titles except for the ones on the last day. The Coast Patrol was alright and The Sea God had some embarrassing racial elements. The Four Feathers also had some politically incorrect elements, but was a very entertaining film. The stampede of hippos was unforgettable. A young Colleen Moore in Little Orphant Annie was excellent. The Countess of Monte Cristo was probably the best Fay Wray talkie that they showed. It had good production values and she wore great gowns; I think Patsy Kelly was a little underused though. The plot of the Spencer Tracy film Disorderly Conduct seemed like it was tailor made for a Film Noir so I wonder if it was eventually remade as one; its screenplay had several unbelievable elements. I think Naughty Baby was a hit with the many who saw this rarely screened Alice White silent on Saturday night; my only complaint was the print had some decomposition throughout its length. White Lies was the last film I saw and I found it underwhelming.

The star for next year's fest is Ronald Colman; I think some are worried that most of his early talkies outside The Masquerader and Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back have been shown on TCM. I imagine many of his rare silents will be shown instead.

Eric Cohen
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Re: 2017 Capitolfest

Unread post by Eric Cohen » Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:43 pm

Here's the link to summaries:
viewtopic.php?f=12&t=24605&p=191034&hil ... st#p191034" target="_blank"

I'm looking forward to seeing next year's featured star, Ronald Coleman. Might a technicolor print of Kismet be screened and hopefully, also the surviving, but incomplete silents The Lovers ('28) and The Rescue ('29)?

Dave Pitts
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Re: 2017 Capitolfest

Unread post by Dave Pitts » Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:45 am

Colman should be a great festival-builder. I long to see the Colman/George Arliss silent, 20 Dollars a Week. Also The Sporting Venus, with Blanche Sweet -- there's said to be a beautiful print, I believe at MOMA. The Night of Love with Banky is hokey but was a major makeout film of the late 20s. The talkies -- who knows -- Masquerader and Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back are in the gray market, but not being broadcast, so far as I know.

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