Lost Friz Freleng Interview

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Lost Friz Freleng Interview

Unread post by MGH » Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:44 pm

Videotaped 42 years ago, excerpted here.

Intro: Fritz Freleng is a man whose, uh, credit appears on, uh, a lot of cartoons, especially those that
came out of the Leon Schlesinger cartoon factory.

Q: What makes it [animation] happen?

A: Just drawing after drawing. Uh, the same thing that, uh, makes it move is... motion pictures is a
series of photos. We draw it instead of photograph it. We make 'em act. We make 'em... uhhh... do
the same things that they would do in live action. Only we caricature it.

Q: In a... in a... in a Warner Brothers, ya know, [imitates theme song] uh,
7 minutes running time appoximately? 10 minutes?

A: 6... 6 and a half minutes, right.

Q: Every frame is drawn?

A: Every frame is drawn.

Q: Uh, every single one? You don't have one master frame and you can just make the mouth move and

A: Now, they just moves arms and mouths.

Q: But how long would it take to do 6 and a half minutes?

A: You mean now, or you meant...

Q: I mean then, when... when... when...

A: Yes, I... I used to do 10 cartoons a year, and they were 6 minutes apiece. That took a, uh,
that's an hour film. Today we do 17 half-hours in 6 months. And that's the difference.

Q: Now, how are you able... how are you able to do so many now when you couldn't do
them before? What... what... what technologies...

A: Yeah, all the shortcuts. We don't move... they... they move mouths and arms and
legs. They don't act anymore. Now, characters do not act
anymore, and I think you can see it on the screen. They just do not act. It's a cost...

Q: Doesn't it bother you that you have to shortcut now because of costs. Wouldn't you rather do
full animation?

A: Oh, everyone sure would. Sure, no doubt about that.

Q: Then why DON'T you?

A: No money. [sighs] Yes, uh, the features are bein' made, but I still don't think they [mumbles]... uh,
they have the ti... the time or the money. It's still shortcutting. And it's still shortcutting and they're
still failures.

Q: I haven't been to a movie theater where they've showed a... a 6 or 7 minute cartoon...

A: I know.

Q: I can't tell you how many year... do they show them anymore?

A: Very seldom.

Q: We want our cartoons back!

A: I'm glad to hear you say that.

Q: Y'all could've done anything in the film industry, uh, in terms of
live action or something other than animation. What is it about animation that attracted
you to it? What was the... what was the draw, the excitement, there?

A: They wouldn't let us in live action.

Outro: Thank you for watching, and goodnight, everybody.

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Re: Lost Friz Freleng Interview

Unread post by boblipton » Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:53 pm

Why do you keep deleting and reposting this? And why do you call it lost when here it is?

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Re: Lost Friz Freleng Interview

Unread post by MGH » Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:04 pm

I was fixing things that I mistyped, and it's lost because it hasn't been seen in 42 years.

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