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Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:46 pm
by radiotelefonia

Earlier today, I got in the mail this book written 17 years ago by Diego Curubeto and Fernando Martín Peña. Although it says in the cover that it cover a period between 1961 to 1993, it actually starts in 1950 going until around 1984 covering the rest of the years somehow abruptly. It basically deal with the classic movie marathons that aired on Saturdays afternoons on LS84 TV Canal 11, Buenos Aires, which formally started in 1969 as the alternative to omnibus TV shows, which used to last more than 10 hours. It also talks about rival movie marathons on another channel on Sunday plus a few shows devoted to Abbot and Costello movies or Tarzan in 70s. The ending of the book is somewhat abrupt going summarily from 1984 up to the end in 1993, but without providing details of the decadence of these movie marathons. Still, I vividly remember them featuring a lot of Universal or MGM Technicolor actioners, comedies and dramas, long before TCM or even TNT were created. I even remember how movies were rotated, going from one channel to another one in the exact same versions, seeing a number of telefilms in the final years (many of them were actually shown first in theaters). These movie marathons were so popular, long before cable, that have affected the way I consider how classic movies should be seen again on broadcast television.

The funny thing is that this film does not mention THE LONGEST DAY which was the film that I vividly remember being repeated systematically over and over again at different time slots.

Here, I found a few experts from the book. ... isito.html" target="_blank ... -cine.html" target="_blank


Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:04 pm
by radiotelefonia