Nitrate films giveaways from Archive

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Nitrate films giveaways from Archive

Unread post by Furrvis » Fri Aug 01, 2008 2:09 pm

This was forwarded onto me. I thought these films might interest some of you.

Sorry about the post length. I include everything in the original message.

In the last few donations that I have been working on, there have been a number of films that do not meet our collection mandate. The donors are willing to give them to any institution that wants them. In particular, I think that the 35mm nitrate films would be of interest - I think they may be quite rare. They are very beautiful and in fairly good condition. I hand inspected the first several feet of each with a magnifying loupe.

The films need not be kept as a group - you can pick and choose what you like. They were mostly collected by the donors and their predecessors as entertainment and do not have a strong connection to any one creator.

Shipping arrangements and payment would be borne by whoever wishes to acquire the films.

35mm nitrate films: (all are in generally good condition with some deterioration - distinct nitrate odour, some sprocket damage)

Film #1. Untitled melodrama - ca 30 minutes - date ca.19teens - no leader or opening credits - Two men and a woman are seated at a table having tea in an elegant Victorian home. First intertitle: "Newlywed refuses to buy his wife a pet dog but Uncle says he will". Second intertitle: "Wilkens and his wife who are married unbeknownst to the newlyweds hear they must fetch their baby at once". Included on this intertitle is the word "Solax" and the number "17.2".

Solax Studios was an American motion picture studio founded in 1910 by executives from the Gaumont Film Company of France. Alice Guy-Blaché, her husband Herbert, and a third partner, George A. Magie established The Solax Company. Alice Guy-Blaché was artistic director and the director for many of its films, while her husband Herbert Blaché managed production for the new company. They built the first studio in Flushing, New York. Alice Guy-Blaché (July 1, 1873 - March 24, 1968) was a pioneer filmmaker who was the first female director in the motion picture industry and is considered to be one of the first directors of a fiction film. (Wikipedia)

Film #2. Untitled melodrama - ca 20 minutes - date ca.19teens - generally good condition with some deterioration (distinct nitrate odour, some sprocket damage) - no leader or opening credits - Appears to be about a young couple's romance and some sort of nefarious activity involving the shooting of a deer where the deer's body is hidden and then exposed and the police become involved (maybe poaching?) The ending appears to be happy. Scenes switch back and forth between the interior and the exterior of a house and the woods. The film is toned a different colour for each scene: house interiors are brown, woods are blue-green, house exteriors are green, and for the final climactic scene the house interior is pink. Intertitles: "Working as a woodcutter", "The father continues the job", "Surprised", "To save his father he will take the blame on himself". A logo with the word "Copenhagen" and a trademark of a polar bear standing on top of a globe of the world appears on the intertitles.

Film #3. Bobby Bumps in Hunting an Fishing - ca 30 minutes - 1921 - animated film - opening credits: "Paramount Cartoons, Supervised by Earl Hurd, Famous Players Lasky Corporation, Copyright 1921, Bobby Bumps in Hunting an Fishing, by Earl Hurd".

Bobby Bumps was the titular character of a series of silent animated short subjects produced by Bray Productions from 1915 to 1923. Inspired by R. F. Outcault's Buster Brown, Bobby Bumps was a little boy who, accompanied by his dog Fido, regularly found himself in and out of mischief. The cartoons were released by Paramount Pictures as part of its Paramount Magazine short-subjects package. The series was created by Earl Hurd, who directed and/or animated most of the entries in the series until he left the Bray studios in 1918. The Bobby Bumps cartoons were the first to be produced using the cel animation process. Cel animation revolutionized the animation industry, and Hurd and his employer J.R. Bray held a patent for the process (and received licensing payments from all studios using the process) until 1932. (Wikipedia)

Film #4. Untitled documentary - ca. 20 minutes - date ca.19teens - no opening credits - Appears to be about the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. An interpretive sign about the Jenolan Caves is seen in several frames. A group of people explores the caves and area.

Film #5. Near Pikes Peak - ca. 30 minutes - date ca. 1920s - 1930s - no opening credits - Film is toned blue. Pathe Exchange Inc. documentary about Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs, CO. Street scenes of Colorado Springs and mountain views.

16mm films:

Film #6. Ski-trails of New France - ca. 15 minutes - ca. late 1930's - B&W with intertitles - good condition - presented by Canadian Pacific - Produced by Associated Screen News Ltd. - Directed by John McDougall - Tourism film promoting skiing in Quebec. Scenes include the Chateau Frontenac, skiing on the Plains of Abraham, skiing over moguls and down various slopes, ski racing, slalom, and ski-jumping.

Film #7. - This film consists of 3 segments spliced together - 30 minutes total - B & W with optical sound

Pt. 1. Flip the Frog in Ragtime Romeo - ca. 1930 - good condition - animated film - Produced and drawn by U.B. Iwerks and recorded in Cinephone.

Pt. 2. The Screen Traveler. Singapore: Crossroads of the East - ca. 1938 - very poor sound quality - Travel documentary - Photography, script, and narration by Paul Devlin.

Pt. 3. The Screen Traveler. Through the Pyrenees to Lourdes - ca. 1938 - good condition - Travel documentary - Photography, script, and narration by Paul Devlin.

Film #8. This film is a compilation of several segments - B&W with optical sound - ca. 14 minutes total - good condition

Pt. 1. Castle Films presents The Music Album: (Soundies)

Songs of the West ca.1946

- "Carry me back to the Lone Prairie," with Carson Robinson & his Buckaroos

- "Where the Mountains Meet the Sky," with Dick Thomas

-"I'm an Old Cowhand," with Gus Van

Songs of the Irish ca.1946

-"There's Nothing Like the Smile of the Irish," with Lanny Ross

-"Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder?" with the Maxwell Girls

-"It's a Great Day for the Irish," with Gus Van

Pt. 2. Official Films. Minsco Production Inc. presents: (Soundies - ca. 1940s)

Gus Van [in] McNamara's Band produced by Fred Walker, directed by Warren

Murray. Soundics Distributing Corporation of America

The Rosary featuring Elaine Malbin

Ave Maria featuring Elaine Malbin

Pt. 3. Castle Films presents:

Sea-going Thrills ca. 1940s produced by Eugene Castle, edited by Don Hancock

Film #9. This film is a compilation of two segments - B&W/colour - ca. 20 minutes total- good condition

Pt. 1. Official Films presents News Thrills of 1942, v. 3, edited by Leslie Wink - Includes newsreel footage of the British stand against Rommel in Egypt, the raid on Dieppe, and the aerial war over Europe.

Pt. 2. Official Films presents News Thrills of 1943 edited by Leslie Wink - Includes scenes of General Eisenhower, Pearl Harbour, captured Japanese, Tokyo, and the sinking of the Bismarck.

Film #10. Search Without End - colour with optical sound - colour shift to magenta - Crawley Films production - presented by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Canada - [1964]. Documentary about the history of pharmaceuticals and modern research.

Film #11. Encounter at the RX Counter - colour with optical sound - colour shift to magenta - NARD Training Presentation -Produced by Eli Lilly& Co. - 1976. Training film for pharmacists. Dramatization of scenarios between pharmacists and customers with pauses in film left for student discussion. There are two copies of this film.

2" videotape - Eli Lilly & Co. - not viewed

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Unread post by Furrvis » Fri Aug 01, 2008 2:11 pm

I want to stress that I don't have these films--it's a message an archivist friend forwarded to me in case I was interested--she's not the original poster either.

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Unread post by greta de groat » Fri Aug 01, 2008 2:12 pm

I think these were all snapped up within minutes (the original message was posted on AMIA yesterday morning). I wonder if the Solax one was previously known

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Unread post by Tommy Stathes » Sun Aug 10, 2008 5:21 pm

Thanks to Cole Johnson, I was made aware of the Bobby Bumps film. Although a colleague and I missed the opportunity to take it, we learned that AFI was getting some or all of the nitrates. Is the AFI more or less as reasonable to deal with as LoC is, might have anyone here pursued their film holdings?

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