SPECIAL PREVIEW - Les Suicides Par Persuasion.

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SPECIAL PREVIEW - Les Suicides Par Persuasion.

Unread post by Silencebound » Tue Sep 30, 2014 2:26 am

It's time for all you here to take a very quick little sneak preview of the newly-founded 'complete' reconstructed 1914 French short film "LES SUICIDES PAR PERSUASION", in it's special limited-time presentation only. This first 9-seconds version, presented with 16.75 fps running at 0.06 per frame in 1080p video resolution, is rather bad-wobbly with no rotation adjustment levelness which it is generally unsuitable for my next 'Lost 35mm Nitrate Film FOUND !' project as I'm currently working on the 18th lost film project right now but not this one. The first 200 frames was scanned by my shit Kaiser Baas PhotoMaker Pro digital film scanner that won't display the 35mm sprocket holes which that is the main critical element for picture frame levelness. I have to cut off the sides of the frame to make it 'steady' with C2C software. This with Kaiser Baas device doesn't help much but only just for myself to work-out the trials and errors only thereon before my newest Imagebox scanner arrive to my door within this week at least. Well, let's see this film as to gives you your impression only at short glance, as I am awaiting to get your sayings and issues about this 9 secs version with Rene Lantini and his attracting woman . . . That's absolutely much better off rather than being waiting too long for this ambitious short film classic. :D

And then I will delete this YT video upon after the full version of LES SUICIDES PAR PERSUASION is fully done and released here, possibly for the '# 19 - Lost 35mm Nitrate Film FOUND !' program. :)
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