Marcel Perez--The Collection & The International Mirth-Maker

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Bob Birchard
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Marcel Perez--The Collection & The International Mirth-Maker

Unread post by Bob Birchard » Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:21 pm

Popped open my post box yesterday and found an unexpected envelope containing The Marcel Perez Collection DVD, and the related booklet (separate from the DVD) Marcel Perez, The International Mirth-Maker. The DVD is one of Ben Model's projects (with help from Steve Massa) and the booklet is by Steve Massa (with help from Ben Model). Those names alone should tell you that these two items are worth having. The DVD offers 10 films, 5 from the comedian's Italian career with Ambrosio, and five (well, technically 4 1/2) made for various producers in America. The booklet expands and updates with new information, Steve's Perez essay in his book Lame Brains and Lunatics. The films are wonderful, especially the technically dazzling filmic protean play A Busy Night (1916) and the behind-the-scenes hi-jinx at the Jester Studio in Cliffside, NJ, in You're Next (1919). Piano accompaniments are up to Ben Model's high standard, and the transfers are really nice (allowing for some ravages of old age). The booklet (offered separately) offers lots of new information on Marcel Perez, and well over 50 rare stills and trade magazine clippings. Full disclosure, I supplied some of the photos, and some minor research help, but I receive no financial remuneration. It is often tough to interest even hard core silent film buffs in taking a chance on some of the more obscure personalities like Perez, but this is well worth your while. The DVD and booklet are so new that they haven't quite hit just yet (the boys are fulfilling their Kickstarter contributors at the moment), but keep an eye peeled for them on in the next few days. As they say on TV, "You'll be glad you did."
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Re: Marcel Perez--The Collection & The International Mirth-M

Unread post by BenModel » Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:52 pm

Thanks so much, Bob! Street date is Feb 3 and the Amazon links will appear and go live shortly before that.

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Steve Massa
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Re: Marcel Perez--The Collection & The International Mirth-M

Unread post by Steve Massa » Fri Jan 16, 2015 9:22 am

Bob - thanks for the very kind words, but more importantly thank you so much for all the info, photos, and immense support on this project.

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