03 - Old frames - That Negative one

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03 - Old frames - That Negative one

Unread post by twisted_whisper » Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:26 pm

So I try see if we can get what this next frame is from.
To get up to speed what this is about do take a quick look at this topic

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I have not posted any more frames in a bit. I was trying to get hold of a scanner, found one really cheep so what to expect... bad :/ O well I did scan a negative frame I had in this lot. This is what it shows when changed.
Might be safe to say this is from Denmark to, maybe...

So here is the negative in the program, strangely, if I do print-screen and not scan, I get a better photo, what a lame scanner I got hold off xD

Here it is changed...nice, I though there was a murder scene first when looking at the negative and it might be I see now.
First I was confused, was there two or 3 persons or 4 even is it two maids behind him? .
What is the story here, what movie is this???


I will look for a better scanner and go back to taking photos again as I did with the other two.

I figure out how to use my scanner better or it takes photos not scan, and I do printscreen to get the photo, so I just use this lame scanner to see the frame better. But it is so small, making it bigger makes it pixilated, in photoshop I can make it bigger and not so pixilated. So I can use this scanner in the end anyway :)
I edit this frame a bit so I upload a new version of it here.


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