The Forbidden Range-1923: Neal Hart

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The Forbidden Range-1923: Neal Hart

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In my search for two titles with Neal Hart, Devil's Bowl 1923 and West of the Pecos 1922 (presumed lost), I found available on line Reel 3 on 35 mm nitrate of The Forbidden Range 1923. I am not seeing this title in any archive and it is listed as lost (LOC). The reel was in good enough shape to transfer and I have included a couple snipped frames from transfer to DVD.
This is another William Steiner Production Western with Hart playing the hero with typical plot of villian defeated by hero to restore law and order. Hart actually was credited in this film as the director, star, author, and did the adaptation.
I don't see too much of Hart's early silent film career available to public to view and costumes in this title definitely Tom Mix-like. It is clear that if some of these films did not do well in the theaters and did not sell tickets for those involved with states rights distribution, they were moth balled in film cans for years.

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