"His Girl Firday" in 35mm & FREE at Loew's Jersey

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"His Girl Firday" in 35mm & FREE at Loew's Jersey

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Saturday, April 29 at 7:30PM
Starring Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Bellamy. Directed by Howard Hawks. 1940, 96mins, B&W. In 35mm.

To celebrate its 150th Anniversary, The Jersey Journal -- the Loew's hometown newspaper -- wants to give everyone a really neat gift -- a fun evening at the Loew's FOR FREE: "His Girl Friday" preceded by a live mini-concert on the Loew's famed Wonder Organ performed by Nathan Avakian, one of the youngest and most celebrated artists playing theatre organs in our time.

At the Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre, 54 Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ (201) 798-6055 http://www.loewsjersey.org. Email: [email protected]" target="_blank http://www.facebook.com/landmarkloewsjersey/

The Landmark Loew's Jersey is easily reached by car and mass transit from throughout the New York & New Jersey area. We are located directly across JFK Blvd from the JSQ PATH Station with trains to and from the World Trade Center and 33rd Street in Manhattan, as well as Newark’s Penn Station. The Theatre is close to the NJ Turnpike & Holland Tunnel. Discounted off street parking in Square Ramp Garage.

The Loew's is a place where the great movie going experience is still alive -- a classic movie palace, a 50 foot wide screen, and a real pipe organ for entrance music before most shows! And whenever possible, screenings are still in 35mm.

About "His Girl Friday":

“His Girl Friday” has one of the fastest, most cleverly constructed scripts of any comedy of the 1930s/early ‘40s, with kaleidoscope action, instantaneous plot twists, and overlapping dialogue. And if you listen closely, you'll even hear a couple of "inside" jokes, such as one concerning Cary Grant's real name (Archie Leach).

At the time, “His Girl Friday” was also rather groundbreaking cinema for the portrayal of a woman as a hard-charging, intelligent and thoroughly professional reporter.

Conniving newspaper editor Walter Burns and star reporter Hildy Johnson have a decidedly symbiotic professional relationship that Hildy is about to break-up by getting married and quitting. For his part, however, Walter is prepared to do almost anything to prevent that from happening. The ace up his sleeve is late-breaking news concerning the impending execution of anarchist Earl Williams (played by John Qualen) that lays bare blatant political chicanery – the kind of story Walter knows Hildy the consummate reporter can't pass up.

But for this second, and arguably best movie version of the 1928 hit comedy/thriller play "The Front Page", legendary director Howard Hawks put one more twist into the proceedings: Hildy the hard charging reporter is a woman -- in the considerable persona of Rosalind Russell, who was then entering her prime as an archetype of the energetic, ambitious career woman. And Walter the editor is also Hildy’s ex-husband, played by Cary Grant with his trademark blend of cheerful nonchalance and devilish manipulation. In doing this, Hawks added a scintillating battle of the sexes to the already very funny story. And if anything, this version makes the original’s barbs about political corruption, the courts, and freedom of the press even sharper.

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