The Mistress of the Air

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The Mistress of the Air

Unread post by Joe Thompson » Fri May 04, 2012 6:23 pm


An ad from the 09-May-1914 Moving Picture World for the three reel film "Mistress of the Air," which featured a not-on-purpose plane crash. I don't know if it survives in original form, but at least some of it was incorporated in "Goofy Movies #3."

On my blog I have some photos, more ads, and a contemporary review by Harry W DeLong, all from various editions of Moving Picture World. Star Florence Seidell is "said to be the only woman in the world flying a hydro-aeroplane." A hydro-aeroplane is one which can take off and land on water or the ground. ... -2012.html

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Re: The Mistress of the Air

Unread post by spadeneal » Sun May 06, 2012 1:08 am

Thanks! I love the Blinkhorn "Deer Brand" logo, which I had not seen before. It looks like it could be imprinted on a target. imdb does not recognize Deer Brand as a company, but enters the film under the moniker "Blinkhorn Photoplays," and indeed, his various American concerns changed names frequently in his short run as a producer and distributor here in America.

Albert Blinkhorn was an English exhibitor who headed Hepworth's American division in 1913-14. He also distributed states rights features for firms such as the tiny Whitman Features Company, which I think had only four releases, all in 1914. Mistress of the Air, however, was a full-on Blinkhorn production.


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