02 - Old frames - Pax æterna (DK, 1917) -SOLVED

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02 - Old frames - Pax æterna (DK, 1917) -SOLVED

Unread post by twisted_whisper » Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:17 am

So I try see if we can get what this next frames are from.
To get up to speed what this is about do take a quick look at this topic

other frames
01 - Solved - (Himmelskibet-1918-Denmark)
https://www.nitrateville.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=24607" target="_blank" target="_blank

Based now only on the first frames we solved, maybe all off this are from Denmark.
Here we go with some orange frames I have or brown-ish.
The thing I understand with tinted frames is there might be some topic that might have the same film, we see how it goes.

Do anyone know where this uniforms are from and that painting in the background, might help and the tower outside the window is that something famous?

The same room.

I am not sure this are from the same movie, but I think so, the frames looks the same.

This is the same room as the other photo, if one look behind there, it is the same lamp etc.

All happy, the end...

Anyone ? this might be two different movies.
Have a nice day all!
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Re: 02 - Old frames - The General in the room

Unread post by doctor-kiss » Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:20 am

As with HIMMELSKIBET, these frames originate from a big-budget Nordisk production directed by Holger-Madsen.

In this case, it's PAX ÆTERNA (1917). See in particular the 52 stills at:
http://www.dfi.dk/faktaomfilm/film/da/1 ... x?id=15948

The entire movie can be viewed under 'Filmklip' at the above link too.

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Re: 02 - Old frames - Pax æterna (DK, 1917) -SOLVED

Unread post by twisted_whisper » Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:29 am

Ty, that was right,also a bit budget movie it seems like. ty for the link.
But one interesting thing then is the frames I have are tinted yellow/orange, like I posted.
But that link on the site it seems that version is all in black and white.
Or a copyright thing.

Maybe then all of this 170-ish frames I have are from DK and Holger-Madsen. I post some more frames in some day and we see. But one movie seems to be Mary Pickford in, may be her.. I seems to only connect two frames to that one. Over time here it is going to be some dubble post of some movies, some will likely be from the same film. We see how this ends.
But some frames are solved now. TY!

I do think looking back at my post for HIMMELSKIBET, the crowd frames seems to maybe come from this film insted. Or they have crowd scene in both of them.

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